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With our sole mission to enable our customers to invest in their future, by delivering secure, accurate and efficient assessment, payment and repayment services, we are Desi Finance Group, your trustworthy financial advisor who can not only guide you when it comes to your finance requirements, be it business equipment, car or home loans, we also provide the best service through the loan procedures. Being in the space for many years in Australia, our experts have thorough knowledge of all banking updates, rules and regulations as well as the know how on the latest and best interest rates, so that you have a trouble free repayment module. Our investment management experts and tax specialists bring enough ease to an otherwise complicated process. Thus, our motto has remained to be ‘Make Finance Plain & Painless’.


Home Loan
Buying a house is one of the important financial decisions you will ever make in your life. Whether you are interested in buying a house for self-occupation or…
Car Loan
When you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle, it can often be difficult to get the loan you want. Some lenders offer loans only if…
Loan Advisors
At Desi Finance Group we understand that it is vital to select a trust worthy financial advisor which can not only guide the customer to route his loan…
Business Equipment Loan
Equipment financing can be a fast and simple way to fund up to 100% of the value of the computers, machinery, vehicles, or whatever else you need to…

Home Loan interest rate from 3.69% & $1250 Cash back (T&C Apply)

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  • Stefano Roganti

    I am holding a home loan in Desi Finance Group. I am fully satisfied with the service of the company. I got loan within a very short time of 7 working days. The team gave good service during filing process. Thank for your service and support.

  • Scarlet lavigne

    It looks like everything has gone through. You guys did an excellent job in making sure everything went smoothly. I have done a lot of financing throughout the years, and I can say this was the most efficient by far. I have some other projects on the table, and will be contacting you later this summer. I hope we can continue to do business. Thanks again for the great effort and your truly professional service!

  • Britt Edvardsen

    I want to convey my sincere thanks to Desi Finance Group team for making the loan process easy. I did not have to take a single hurdle in obtaining the home loan. The team was very cordial, helpful and they cleared all our doubts very patiently with right information.

  • David Soriano

    I am Mr David Soriano . I really enjoyed taking service with Desi Finance Group and feel truly honoured to be associated with Desi Finance Group Team. I am looking forward to refer Desi Finance Group to my friends and family members.

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